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We're a community of STRONG women that are tired of staying in our comfort zone.

Do yoga, drink wine and live your BEST life.


Be YOU, because you're AMAZING!

See Things For What They Are NOW

See Things BETTER Than They Are

Make Your Vision REAL

Mar 30, 8:00 PM EDT
Online through Zoom
Bust out of your comfort zone and be a badass chick!

Before I talk about this BADASS experience, let's talk about who this is really for...

You're a dreamer with loads of potential who's tired as HELL of wasting it and you're ready to take action on your goals and dreams because you know you're a BADASS CHICK that deserves the moon and stars!

Whether you're...

⭐️ A mom who's giving your ALL raising your children while putting your own dreams aside, but knows that the time is NOW to stop being just a MOM and become a BADASS CHICK mom and take care of yourself!

⭐️ A BADASS CHICK working babe that LIVES for the company you work for but never makes the time to focus on your own dreams, and you know this shit needs to STOP.

⭐️ A suburban housewife BADASS CHICK who's kids are all grown up and you're BORED and STUCK on what the hell you're supposed to do now.

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how the Yoga + Wine Online Experience will give you the tools, inspiration and support on your journey to BUST out of your comfort zone and live life on YOUR terms.

Stressed Woman

By the end of this experience, you'll:

 ⭐️ Chill the hell out and STOP worrying about what other people think

⭐️ STOP dragging your ass and letting the days pass you by

⭐️ Realize that you CAN do more with your life

⭐️ Feel CONFIDENT in yourself

⭐️ KNOW your true worth

⭐️ Feel EMPOWERED to move forward and chase your dreams

⭐️ BUST out of your comfort zone

⭐️ Be a part of this BADASS community of women

⭐️ Value PROPER self-care

⭐️ Dream BIG


⭐️ LOVE yourself 


Over the past 5 years since graduating RYT-200 with us, Leah has grown into a bad-ass yoga teacher. 


Today she serves as our Director of Education and key facilitator for Yoga Teacher Trainings, where she brings so much love and support to our global community - both online and in live sharing circles. 


If you're ready to bust out of your comfort zone - Leah is an expert at helping you move forward all while having a blast!


Keep crushing it Leah! I'm proud of you!

Happy Jack, Owner and CEO of Happy Jack Yoga



Having practiced yoga with Leah both in person and more recently following her on-line classes, I knew that Leah's warm and friendly personality would put anyone new to or intimidated by yoga quickly at ease.


Leah's classes provide lots of challenging yoga poses but she always includes modifications to allow each person to practice in a way that suits them best personally. 


Regular pauses to enjoy a sip or two of wine doesn't hurt either!


What's better than stretching your body in a pose and then rewarding it with a sip of wine? I've taken part in a number of online Yoga + Wine classes with Leah and absolutely LOVED it.


Her personality lights up the screen and her ability to explain poses is wonderful.


Naturally, once the weather warmed up, I was able to host a Yoga + Wine event in my backyard. It was the perfect evening to relax and chill with friends.


Leah is very good at mixing the two and creating an event that everyone loves. 


Leah is truly a beautiful person. I was honoured to have her at my home for a wine and yoga class.


The class was incredible but the atmosphere that she created was even better.


I highly suggest taking part in her classes. My girlfriends and I still talk about this beautiful time on the mat.

Lazy Morning


First, we'll start with an opening meditation to get really clear on how things are going for you RIGHT NOW. I'll take you through a guided meditation where we'll explore 12 different aspects of  life and assess what you want to focus on. Every month we focus on a different area.













We'll break for a wine social and share what came up for us with the group.


Then, I'll take you through a nice energizing yet slow, wine infused yoga flow to give you that physiology shift needed to open up your heart to the amazing possibilities that lay ahead for you.

The wine infused yoga flow will finish with a guided meditation designed to show you the incredible power of your thoughts and how to use that power to bust out of your comfort zone and be that BADASS CHICK you know you are!

Of course we will then break for another wine social so you can share your truth about what's getting in your way and what you're going to do about it. This is where badass chicks are MADE!



Finally, we'll finish with a wine infused Yin Yoga flow where you will be inspired to TAKE ACTION in your life and own your shit!

You will feel EMPOWERED to move forward with your goals and dreams for the future and have the tools you need to make your dreams a reality.

I'll close the practice with a guided meditation that will remind you that life isn't always pretty. It's consistent ACTION that gets you to where you want and need to be.


DREAM and TAKE ACTION. You're a BADASS CHICK! Nothing's better than dreaming BIG with this incredible group of women!



 ⭐️ See things the way they are NOW so you can understand what you need to do to reach your goals

⭐️ See things BETTER than they are now because the possibilities are endless and you know you deserve better

⭐️ Make your vision REAL because the only thing stopping you is yourself

Bust out of your comfort zone, dream big and be a BADASS CHICK

It's time to put yourself first and LOVE YOURSELF





 ⭐️ Be a part of the community and get support from other amazing BADASS CHICKS

⭐️ All live events are posted in the group in case you missed out on the FUN

⭐️ Share your DREAMS and GOALS for accountability

We can't be successful without proper LOVE and SUPPORT




This isn't just a yoga class. It's a social experience with the opportunity to connect with other badass chicks! It's a place to chill the hell out and relax and a place to realize that YOU'RE A BADASS CHICK and nothing can stop you!

I promise you that after taking in part in the YOGA + WINE ONLINE EXPERIENCE, you'll feel empowered to take action in your life.

If you don't, I'll refund your money :)

I know how much VALUE this experience offers and I stand by my guarantee.

Committing 2 hours a month to yourself to really think about your goals is totally worth it! You DO have the time and you CAN get shit done!

It's time to STOP making excuses and just DO IT! Plus, there's wine!

I personally can't wait to guide you through this experience...

I used to have really low self confidence and always lived my life on other people's terms. A former people pleaser, I was always doing things to be "cool" and fit in. It got to be so BORING and I was unfulfilled.

Yoga introduced me to myself. It was a process to get here, but it was worth it! 

I've learned how to say no, how to honor myself and stop worrying about what other people think of me. 


I'm finally ME and it feels amazing. 


I'm not your typical yogi. I drink wine, eat pizza and ice cream and I feel great about doing all of those things in balance with a healthy lifestyle. I think it's unrealistic to deprive yourself of something you love. I just try not to over indulge!

I create a space for you to see things the way they are NOW, see things BETTER than they are now and help you make your vision REAL. The best part of all is we get to do this together in this badass community!

I love yoga, wine and cats so I found a way to combine all three!

The Yoga + Wine Online Experience was created to help YOU bust out of your comfort zone and be a badass chick! 


I donate a portion of my sales to a local cat rescue. It's important to contribute to a cause you believe in, and I'm a CRAZY cat lady.


I'll see you on ZOOM, you BADASS CHICK! 😉

Leah B

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