You Know Exactly What You Need to Do

Updated: Mar 25

Trust your inner guidance to crush those limiting beliefs

I've had a major insight this week. If it feels right, it probably is!

Things are opening back up, and spring is in the air. I'm ready to come out of hibernation and stop being a recluse. I have the urge to get back out and see people again. I really miss being around actual people and no better way to be around others then doing yoga together! I've decided it's time for me to start planning my in person yoga classes and events for this spring and summer. 💖

I've lived in my community (we call it a village) of Manotick, Ontario (which is a suburb of Ottawa🇨🇦) for almost 8 years and I've made some incredible connections over the years. I've met some really cool people who've attended my in person yoga classes and have become really great friends, I've partnered with some badass local businesses and I've had the blessing and privilege to work with our local landmark and museum, Watson's Mill on creating a badass yoga program.

Watson’s Mill is a museum and historical centre that celebrates Manotick and its history. The building is an 1860s water powered grist and flour mill built by Moss Kent Dickinson and Joseph Currier, who together founded the village of Manotick. Today Watson’s Mill continues to grind flour while helping visitors explore the past and conserving the site for the future.

I get to teach yoga inside, and they say the place is HAUNTED! 👻 Check out this creepy ghost story...

One of the main personalities that has shaped present day Watson’s Mill is Ann Crosby Currier. Ann Crosby married Joseph Currier (a founder of Watson's Mill) in 1861 at the age of 20. Originally form Lake George, New York, Crosby moved to Ottawa in the same year.

At a celebration of Dickinson and Currier’s achievements Crosby toured the flour mill. While descending the stairs from the attic to the second floor, Her skirt caught in a revolving drive shaft. She was pulled from her feet and thrown against a nearby support pillar. Crosby was killed instantly. At this time Ann Crosby and Joseph Currier had only been married for 6 weeks.

The story of Ann Crosby Currier remains present at Watson’s Mill today. From the time of her death claims have been made that Crosby’s spirit remains attached to the site. Some claim they have seen her staring out the second-floor windows or coming down the attic stairs. Others claim they have heard lady-like footsteps on the second floor despite no one being around or have even been touched by unseen hands on the stairs.

I took a group photo with about 20 people after a class in there in the middle of the day and in the photo, there was an unusual beam of light in the front of the photo! It was soooooo cool and also sent chills down my spine when I saw it. I wish I had the photo to share here.

You HAVE to check this place out. It's pretty cool. They've gone as far as creating a 360 degree virtual tour of the place and it's so cool and historical. I've added the link in the button below. My classes are held on the second floor!

My reason for going on and on about how cool (and creepy) Watson's Mill is, is because when I was contemplating whether or not I should take on this project from May-September. It didn't take me long to realize that this is the reason I became a yoga teacher in the first place. Getting out in my community to share yoga is my JAM!


I initially tried to talk myself out of doing something with yoga in my community this year due to having so many other personal commitments. Have you ever tried to talk yourself out of something you knew deep down was meant for you?

When it comes down to it, I know that something like this fills my cup, allows me to connect with like-minded people in my community and gives me that "me time" that I crave while getting the privilege and honour of leading my community through a journey of self discovery (and some serious physical challenges too 😉).

If you're contemplating not doing something due to fear of failure, fear you don't have time, or just fear or anything that's stopping you from getting started, this is your WAKE UP CALL. Don't stand in your own way. Just do it. GET IT, you badass!

I told myself I shouldn't teach at Watson's Mill this year because of my lack of time. Then I realized that I was just telling myself that out of an irrational fear I made up in my mind. Can you relate? I think most of us have self sabotaged at least once in our lives.

You know what helps get rid of your negative self talk, irrational fears and basically all the lame bullshit you tell yourself that isn't true? BADASS YOGA. It's a place you can just hook up with yourself, move and breathe, and let go of limiting beliefs that are just getting in your way and f*cking things up for you in the long run.

Do some BADASS YOGA with me this week! We'll spend 15 minutes working on our hips in some fun standing yoga poses!

This week's class sequence is listed at the end of this blog post!

Dancers Pose is such a fun standing pose! It's a backbend that also works into your hips.

Practice with me to the BADASS YOGA: STANDING HIPS FLOW either Live this Thursday or on demand in the FREE VIDEO LIBRARY after the class airs live.

BADASS YOGA is live every Thursday at 8pm ET on Zoom for 15 minutes!





  • Dancers Pose is a glorious heart opening posture that challenges your balance while lengthening your chest and spinal muscles.

  • Improves balance and focus

  • Increases energy and warms the body


  • Shoulder injury

  • Low blood pressure

  • Conditions that affect balance

  • Knee injury

Getting Into the Pose:

  1. Stand with your feet together. Shift your weight into your left foot keeping a microbend into the left knee. Bend your right knee behind you, and bring your right heel towards your right glute. Reach your right hand behind you (with the eye of your right elbow facing out) and take hold of the inside arch of your right foot.

  2. Continue to balance on your left foot and reach your left arm overhead. Lift your chest as you kick your right foot upward, until your thigh is parallel to the floor or higher. Keep your hips square, and draw your right knee inward towards the midline.

  3. Look up and stretch your left arm forward and upward. Keep your eyes steady on one point of focus and breathe deeply as you hold.

Alternatives & Options:

  • If you struggle with balance, you can practice this posture while holding a chair or bar, or with one hand on a wall

  • If you’re unable to reach your back foot you can loop a strap around your foot or ankle

  • Stay upright in the pose with knees in line, instead of reaching forward

  • Stay in the pose longer than planned :)

  • For a more intense variation you can reach your right hand back to take hold of the top or your right foot or toes, and rotate your shoulder so your elbow swivels outward and then points toward the ceiling. From there, you can reach your left arm over your head, and then behind you to grab ahold of your lifted foot. You can also use a strap for this variation, and climb your hands up the strap until you are able to grab your toes. This variation requires a lot of shoulder mobility and spinal flexibility.

  • Reverse Dancer (opposite hand to foot)

Coming Out of the Pose:

  • To release, gently release your grip on your right foot and return to standing. Repeat on the other side.

Muscles Affected:

  • Stretches chest, shoulder, thigh, and abdominal muscles

  • Strengthens leg, ankle, back, and gluteal muscles

Recommended Hold Times:

  • 3-20 breaths

Other Names for this Pose:

  • Natarajasana

  • Lord of the Dance Pose



Practice this sequence with me LIVE on Thursday March 24th at 8pm ET


Knees to Chest

Boat Pose

High Boat - Low Boat x 10

Russian Twists

Half Sun Salutation A x 3

Chair Pose - twist right

Chair Pose - twist left


Chair Pose

Standing Knee Raise

Standing Figure Four

Crescent Lunge - knee dips x 5 - Peaceful Lunge

Chair Pose

Standing Leg Raise

Standing Figure Four - Fold

Dancers Pose

Seated Bound Angle


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